From Producer to Promoter

As a studio artist for more than 20 years, and a shop owner in the wild and remote west for more than a decade, I know how special handmade things can be.

Handmade items are powerful. They are personal - each one containing glimpses of the story of its maker. I love making dishes, and then finding homes for these porcelain pieces of myself.

As a crafts-person, I naturally value the time and skill that goes into making something by hand. As an independent startup, I also value the opportunity to make a sustainable living, a struggle in the best of circumstances.

When health issues prevented me from making my signature tableware, I began to look for alternate outlets for making a living while staying true to my core passions. As my own production declined, I began to stock my studio showroom with high quality, hand made items from local and global artisans.

I have kept my creative juices flowing through other means as well… By marketing other creatives, running a community garden, beginning a website, blog and magazine telling the stories of my remote, rural area, and recently, opening up a community teaching studio alongside teaching art to 3-5th graders at our local elementary school. Each venture is tied together by community, connection, and personal narrative… all qualities encapsulated in a carefully designed and executed handmade object.

In the meantime, I am thrilled to have the opportunity to partner with some remarkable businesses and organizations that support hard-working artisans in vulnerable communities rise out of poverty through business opportunities.

Elizabeth Robinson: Mug, porcelain, glaze, collaged transfers, 2015

Elizabeth Robinson: Mug, porcelain, glaze, collaged transfers, 2015


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